Mission & Values

Mission Statement:
Providing opportunities for our Horizons family to develop their full potential in a positive atmosphere.
To work as a team to provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to achieve their personal goals.
Horizons' Values:
Members' Rights
  1. You can vote in elections if you want to.
  2. You can go to the church of your choice or choose not to go to church.
  3. You are to be treated well regardless of your color, if you are a man or woman, or the church you go to.
  4. You can be friends with whomever you want.
  5. You can choose the goals you want to work on and the people who you want to come to your staffing.
  6. Horizons’ staff will help you solve any problems if you don’t like something where you work or where you live.
  7. You can decide where you live, where you work, what you do in your free time and what people you like to be with.
  8. You can say “no” to whatever the staff wants to help you with.
  9. You can disagree with anything that Horizons’ staff has to say and be able to talk about it, or file a grievance.
  10. You can talk to whoever you want to talk to and no information can be told about you without your permission.
  11. You can keep your belongings and arrange your apartment/house to your liking.
  12. You can handle your own money and enter into agreements with others.
  13. People will treat you fairly and with respect.
  14. You can earn money at the workshop or in the community.
  15. You have the right to live and work where it is safe.
  16. You can take vacation or sick time off from work with approval of work supervisor.
  17. You can move to a different home or go to work at a different job.
  18. You can say how you feel and what you think about things that have to do with you.
  19. You don’t have to have rules that are not necessary.
  20. You can have privacy in your conversations and with other people and choose to be by yourself.
  21. You can choose who will provide services to you. You can refuse treatment.
  22. You have the right to revoke authorization and the right to review your file at anytime.
  23. If any of these rights are restricted such as guardianship or you have a payee for your finances, it will be documented in your IPP.

Horizons will help you safeguard these rights. Members are encouraged and expected to develop the responsibility that accompanies these rights.

NOTE ON GRIEVANCES: If the need arises to file a grievance report, the form and further instructions can be accessed here.